You want to partner up with us? Great!
Basically every well managed server can get a partnership.

We do not really care about numbers but we still have some requirements:


Your server must be public

Your server must follow Discords ToS

Your server must not contain illegal services, files etc

You must provide us with a not expiring invite link directly to your server


The public DSN bot must be on your server

Your server must have an own channel only our bot has access to


The bot will automatically send our advertisement into this channel. Make sure noone else can write there.

We divide our partners into Partners and Featured Partners.

Featured partnerships are meant for outstanding projects. They get additional perks and an even better service.

Down below is a list about the differences.



@Partner role on our Server

Advertisement place on our Server

Access to level 2 bots

Faster support

Featured Partners


@Featured Partner role on our Server

Special advertisement place on our Server

Advertisement on our Website

Access to level 3 bots

Faster support

If you want to partner up with us just fill out the form below.


Please note that we can cancel the partnership at any time without a warning.

We keep us this right to be able to take action when something goes wrong or you do not fit into our partner program anymore.

This is really only for an emergency. Usually you get informed about changes depending your partnership.


Error. Please try again or contact admins.

Form received